VIP Upgrade Program

Our exclusive VIP-Upgrade subscription gives you an All-Access Pass to new versions (major updates) and new general feature additions (minor updates) as well as maintenance releases and bug fixes for as long as you are a subscriber in good standing. Our VIP Upgrade program replaces the discontinued Maintenance program.

Please Request a Quote for details and special VIP pricing.

Benefits of VIP Program

In addition to being the first to receive new cutting-edge features* or major new version releases as soon as they become available, VIP Members receive these additional benefits:

  • Most current software version (product level specific)...
    • Upgrades to new releases
    • New general feature additions
    • Maintenance releases
    • Bug fixes
  • Discounted rate on engineering support
  • Printed and digital copies of all relevant manuals
  • Licensing and installation support
  • 24/7 access to online technical support (knowledge base)
  • Telephone-based technical support (during regular office hours)
  • Email-based technical support
  • Discounts on short courses/online training packages

*For your currently licensed products and authorization levels only.


Q. Who is the VIP Upgrade Program for?

  • Like many traditional Maintenance Programs, the VIP program allows customers to allocate a portion of their annual software budget (this is especially important for corporate and academic customers). This insures you are always running the most current version of the software without having to anticipate release dates that do not align with your organizations fiscal year. It's a fixed cost at a fixed date. As a courtesy, we will automatically remind you as your renewal date approaches.

Q. If I am a VIP Subscriber do I have to pay for upgrades to my existing software?

  • As long as your annual subscription is in good standing, you will not incur additional upgrade fees for the same module and product level you currently have...ever.

Q. Do I have to purchase VIP at the time of intial product purchase?

  • You have up to one year from the original purchase date to subscribe to the VIP program. However, your subscription will only cover the 12 consecutive months from the original software purchase date. If you wait until the last day of the last month in the 12 months period, you will be required to renew your subscription again the following day.

Q. If I currently own a 2D License and want to upgrade to a 3D License, is that covered by VIP?

  • VIP initially only covers software modules of the same type and level. However, you can move your VIP subcscription to a new module type or level, but you will first need to pay the software price difference (for example to move from 2D to 3D), then pay the difference in the VIP subscription cost.

Q. Is my existing Maintenance Plan transferable to VIP?

  • No. The previous Maintenance program was discontinued and phased out in 2015. Renewals of this program ceased last year. VIP completely replaces the discontinued Maintenance program. This was necessary to support major changes to our software release roadmap?

Q. I purchased SVOffice™2009 a little while ago, can I purchase VIP to get SVOFFICE™5?

  • If you purchased SVOffice™2009 after January 24th, 2016 then you are eligible to receive SVOFFICE™5 as a free upgrade (limited to the same product modules of same type and level). You will need to purchase VIP separately to receive any future VIP benefits. All purchases prior to January 24th, 2016 are not eligible - a new purchase of a full license or upgraded license is required to become eligible for VIP subscription purchase.

Q. I pre-purchased SVOFFICE™5 before it was released - am I eligible for VIP?

  • You bet! If you pre-purchased SVOFFICE™5 you will have a grace period of 12 months beginning 1 week after the date we shipped you the software to add on a VIP annual subscription.


Academic licences are 40% of MSRP

Government Discounts are also available - please CONTACT US.

Technical Support

SoilVision Systems provides FREE technical support for our customers. Technical support includes resolving installation and licensing issues as quickly as possible, as well as clarification of basic software features, options, and components.

Technical support also includes FREE minor version releases (includes bug fixes, minor improvements, and minor releases of new features in the existing version).

You can find more information on our Technical Support Page.

Engineering Support

Engineering Support is considered as support that falls outside the scope of our complimentary Technical Support. Engineering Support includes the following:

  • Numerical model troubleshooting
  • Interpretation of model results
  • Model Conceptualization (assistance with engineering theory and SVOffice modeling techniques)

Per Incident Support

  • Quote per Incident will be provided at a rate of $200/hour (Minimum charge 1 hour)

Find more information about our Engineering and Consulting Support.


Unsaturated Soil Mechanics in Engineering PracticeUnsaturated Soil Mechanics in Engineering Practice
D. G. Fredlund (Author), H. Rahardjo (Author), M. D. Fredlund (Author)
Publication Date: July 24, 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1118133590

The definitive guide to unsaturated soil - from the world's experts on the subject!

This book builds upon and substantially updates Fredlund and Rahardjo's publication, Soil Mechanics for Unsaturated Soils, the current standard in the field of unsaturated soils. It provides readers with more thorough coverage of the state of the art of unsaturated soil behavior and better reflects the manner in which practical unsaturated soil engineering problems are solved. Retaining the fundamental physics of unsaturated soil behavior presented in the earlier book, this new publication places greater emphasis on the importance of the "soil-water characteristic curve" in solving practical engineering problems, as well as the quantification of thermal and moisture boundary conditions based on the use of weather data.

Topics covered include:

  • Theory to Practice of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
  • Nature and Phase Properties of Unsaturated Soil
  • State Variables for Unsaturated Soils
  • Measurement and Estimation of State Variables
  • Soil-Water Characteristic Curves for Unsaturated Soils
  • Ground Surface Moisture Flux Boundary Conditions
  • Theory of Water Flow through Unsaturated Soils
  • Solving Saturated/Unsaturated Water Flow Problems
  • Air Flow through Unsaturated Soils
  • Heat Flow Analysis for Unsaturated Soils
  • Shear Strength of Unsaturated Soils Shear Strength Applications in Plastic and Limit Equilibrium
  • Stress-Deformation Analysis for Unsaturated Soils
  • Solving Stress-Deformation Problems with Unsaturated Soils
  • Compressibility and Pore Pressure Parameters
  • Consolidation and Swelling Processes in Unsaturated Soils
  • Unsaturated Soil Mechanics in Engineering Practice is essential reading for geotechnical engineers, civil engineers, and undergraduate- and graduate-level civil engineering students with a focus on soil mechanics.

Textbook Example Models Available!

Various examples presented in this book are available for download for examination in the SVOFFICE™ software. They are listed under the project USMEP_Textbook in the list of Distribution Models in the SVOFFICE™ Manager.


All prices shown are for commercial perpetual SINGLE workstation only. Prices are in US dollars and subject to change with market conditions. You may download our most current pricelist for all of our products.