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Introducing SVOFFICE5/GT

3D Shear Strength Reduction

Road Construction DisplacementSVOFFICE™5/GT introduces a software suite with a geotechnical focus centered on an entirely new solver, the SVCORE™ Finite Element Engine. SVCORE™ has been developed over the past 20 years and is utilized in the newly introduced SVSOLID™GT and SVFLUX™GT modules. These two modules introduce new analysis capabilities such as a greatly improved stress / deformation analysis of elasto-plastic materials and shear strength reduction (SSR) slope stability analysis. SVCORE™ also implements anchor analysis and the SVSOLID™ and SVFLUX™ modules may be fully coupled to perform small-strain or large-strain analysis.

Meshes are now fully integrated with the SVDESIGNER™ module and the this allows for continuity in the workflow from model conceptualization to solution. Triangular/quadratic elements in 2D and tetrahedral elements in 3D are supported with fully automatic mesh generation and manual mesh refinement.

Staged construction or excavation analysis may also be performed in SVFLUX™GT and SVSOLID™GT or by coupling the modules.

The new SVOFFICE™5/GT suite provides market leading strength for the application of geotechnical analysis.

SVOFFICE™5/GT Suite Includes...

FeaturesKey features and enhancements of SVOFFICE™5/GT

  • Powerful SVSOLID™ FEM Small or Large-Strain Stress/Deformation Modeling
  • Staged Construction/Excavation Scenarios with SVFLUX™GT/SVSOLID™GT
  • Triangle/Quad and Tetrahedral Elements: The ability to accommodate triangle, quad and tetrahedral elements in 2D/3D in SVFLUX™GT and SVSOLID™GT.
  • Mesh Integration with SVDESIGNER™
  • Shear Strength Reduction (SSR): The abilitity to handle SSR slope stability analysis in 2D and 3D with SVSOLID™GT.
  • Analysis of Anchors in SVSOLID™GT
  • Consolidation: Small-strain and large-strain consolidation is available when coupling SVFLUX™GT and SVSOLID™GT.
  • Multi-Plane Slope Stability Analysis: The SVSLOPE® module allows advanced multi-plane analysis of 3D geometry using 2D planes.
  • 3D Modeling Solutions: Modeling of systems which are not adequately represented by a simplified 2D cross section may be accomplished in full 3D. Examples include regional flow, levee analysis, and open pits.
  • NEW SVDESIGNER™ Conceptual Modeling Module: This brand new software program is tightly integrated within SVOFFICE™5/GT and allows for the representation and manipulation of complex 3D geometry and takes 3D modeling to a whole new level.
  • Automatic Mesh Generation and Manual Refinement: Automatic mesh generation and manual refinement greatly enhances model stability, accuracy, and convergence.
  • Advanced Orientation Analysis: Models can now be built fully in 3D and a slip in any arbitrary sliding direction can be analyzed. This ability is exclusive to the SVSLOPE®3D module and is not offered by any other competing product.
  • Comprehensive Probabilistic Analysis: Monte Carlo, APEM, Latin Hypercube and other types of probabilistic analysis may be carried out in our SVSLOPE® package.
  • NEW SVSOILS™: (Formerly SoilVision®) A database of unsaturated hydraulic, thermal and stress soil properties has been completely rewritten and redesigned.
  • Easy to Use: Featuring a familiar user interface with easy to understand functions and redsigned icons. The menu system has been redesigned to simplify the number of choices to the user, greatly reducing the complexity of the software interface and providing a better user experience.
  • NEW High-Performance Graphics Engine: the new 3D CAD graphics engine provides measurably faster overall operation, with the biggest performance increases in the areas of...
    • creation and manipulation of larger more complex models
    • quicker rotation and translation of objects
    • faster transformations
    • high quality / print-ready client visuals
    • improved CAD editing controls and responsiveness.
  • NEW SVOFFICE™5 Manager: A complete overhaul of the SVOFFICE™5 Manager provides a more intuitive experience. We have simplified the process of creating, managing and sharing your models and projects. With one click you can easily switch the Manager between Learning mode and Expert mode. Learning mode presents the user with the bare essentials and user guidance to get you up and running fast. Expert mode expands the user interface and places all of the key project management components at your fingertips.
  • World Class Support: Highly dedicated team with tracking and fast response to all raised issues - typically within 24 - 48 hours.
  • QAQC: Comprehensive testing and verification program.

SVCORE Finite Element EngineSVCORE™ Finite Element Engine

Fast and Stable Solutions of Large, Complex Numerical Models

The most significant change to any particular module within our SVOFFICE™5/GT software has been to the SVSOLID™GT package which has been completely redesigned and utilizes a new SVCORE™ Finite Element Engine solver. The new solver has been developed over 20 years and allows fast and stable solution of extremely large three-dimensional numerical models. The design changes and technical advances in the software firmly position SVSOLID™GT as the premiere stress / deformation software package available in the world today.

Top 10Top 10 Reasons to Purchase SVOFFICE™5/GT

Top 10 Reasons to Purchase SVOFFICE 5

The investment in geotechnical / hydrogeological software is an important decision for most consulting firms. Software must perform well and yield results in a limited timeframe such that reports can be completed on time and under budget. We recognize this at SoilVision Systems Ltd. and and have worked hard over the past number of years to provide software which is both easy to use and technologically advanced. We believe that the current SVOFFICE™5/GT software product is the best software suite currently available for geotechnical and hydrogeological applications. Listed below are a few of the reasons why your firm would benefit from our software from the perspective of a manager.

1. 3D Modeling Solutions
  • Modeling of systems which are not adequately represented by a simplified 2D cross section may be accomplished in full 3D. Examples include regional flow, levee analysis, and planar geometry.
2. Advanced Slope Stability Analysis
  • With the highly advanced SVSLOPE® slope stability analysis package, your company will have access to the most comprehensive array of deterministic and probabilistic methods of limit equilibrium and stress-based analysis methods.
  • Advanced shear strength reduction (SSR) method of analysis with SVSOLID™GT
3. Advanced Model Coupling
  • Coupling of the air/water/thermal phases allows more comprehensive analysis of i) cover designs and, ii) waste rock flow, and iii) various other applications.
  • Coupled density-dependant flow allows handling of salt-water/ fresh water potash mine tailings scenarios and tidal inflow scenarios.
  • Small-strain and large-strain consolidation analysis.
4. 3D Conceptual Geometry Modeling and Visualization and 2D Slicing with SVDESIGNER™
  • SVDESIGNER™ Allows for rapid three-dimensional geotechnical prototyping of designs.
  • 2D slices can be quickly and easily extracted from your geotechnical designs and brought into SVFLUX™GT for analysis.
5. Automatic Mesh Generation and Refinement 6. Spatially Varying Material Properties
  • Material properties may now be set to vary spatially in any particular region of the model domain. This is available in our SVSLOPE® and SVFLUX™GT packages
7. Product Integration
  • Products support highly integrated and coupled solutions.
8. Comprehensive Probabilistic Analysis
  • Monte Carlo, APEM, Latin Hypercube and other types of probabilistic analysis may be carried out in our SVSLOPE® package. Monte Carlo analysis for steady state models can be carried out in our SVFLUX™GT package.
9. Extensive Soil Database
  • Our SVSOILS™ (formerly SOILVISION®) Database of unsaturated hydraulic properties includes laboratory data on over 6500 soils and 24 theoretical methods of estimating unsaturated hydraulic properties.
10. World Class Support
  • Highly dedicated team with tracking and fast response to all raised issues - typically within 24 - 48 hours.