SVFlux™ is part of our SVOffice 2009 software suite. The student version of SVOffice 2009 is free to download! SVOffice 2009 will run on any PC with Windows 2000 or later, with at least 100 MB of free hard disk space. Windows 7 is fully supported.


SVOffice 2009 Brochure


Setting Boundary Conditions - This video demonstrates how to set boundary conditions. Users are shown how to open the Boundary Conditions form, navigate to line segments and how to configure boundary conditions. (270 Kb)

Specifying Soil Properties - This video shows users how to specify soil properties through opening the Soils Manager form, creating new soil records, and entering soil information. (490 Kb)

Additional general-purpose tutorials can be found on the tutorials page.


  • What method does SVFlux™ use to solve the seepage equation?
  • What is the primary advantage of SVFlux™ over other seepage software?
  • Can water flux be calculated through certain sections of the problem?
  • What testing has been performed to ensure the accuracy of SVFlux™?

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